Lydia 'Safeload' IUD

An IUD is a small, non-hormonal, flexible piece of T-shaped plastic that is inserted into the uterus by a trained provider. It prevents pregnancy for up to 12 years. Once removed a woman's fertility will be restored immediately.

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Be in control with the Lydia 'Safeload' IUD

  • Indications:

    The Lydia T CU 380A Safeload IUD (Lydia Safeload IUD) is indicated for conception control.

  • Intended Use:

    The Lydia Safeload IUD offers 99.9% protection against pregnancy for up to 12 years.

    Lydia is very delighted to offer the customer friendly and innovative Safeload IUD with preloaded solid rod. The preloaded solid rod in the insertion tube will help the healthcare professional from losing its sterility by avoiding it touching or brushing against another surface. The loading is performed without human touch, resulting in aseptic loading.

  • Advantages:

    * Convenient for a woman who has one or more children and who wants to space her children;
    * This is an effective form of contraception for up to 12 years;
    * Very effective and little to remember;
    * No interactions with any medicines;
    * Immediately reversible;
    * Easy, quick and aseptic loading.

  • Procedure for Insertion:

    This information can be found in the insert of the Lydia Safeload IUD pack and should be read carefully by the healthcare provider.

  • Mechanism of Action:

    Copper IUD acts by greatly reducing the likelihood of fertilization. Data and analysis indicate that the main anti-fertility effect of copper bearing IUD involves inhibition of egg or sperm transport and/or the capacity of sperm to fertilize the egg.

  • Directions for IUD users:

    * Longer and heavier menstrual periods, or bleeding or spotting between period may occur during the first weeks after insertion. If they continue or are severe, report to the clinic.
    * Cramping may occur following insertion usually for a short time, but could last for several hours to even days. This can be relieved by taking painkillers, using hot compresses or exercising moderately.
    * Check periodically and particular after menstruation to make certain that the thread still protrude from the cervix. If thread is missing, shorter or longer, return to the clinic.
    * If the Lydia Safeload IUD is expelled, return to the clinic. There is no continuing protection after expulsion.
    * Return to the clinic for check up or for replacement of the Lydia Safeload IUD at the end of the 12 years or when decided to have children (again).
    * If there is abdominal pain, pain during intercourse, infections (suchas gonorrhea), abnormal discharge, fever or chills, consult your healthcare provider.

  • Contra-indications:

    * Malignant diseases or infections of the genital tract;
    * Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding;
    * Pregnancy;
    * Past history of ectopic pregnancy;
    * Sexually Transmitted Infections during the last 12 months;
    * Abortion with infection during the last 3 months;
    * Allergy to copper.

Lydia IUD Commercials

No matter what point you are in your life, with Lydia you can decide what happens next:

* Do you have 2 children and do you feel it is enough?
* are you focusing on your career or education and you are not yet ready for a child?
* you just delivered and you want to space your children wisely?

Than an IUD is for you...

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