15-episode I Plan mini-series

Lydia believes that every woman should have the power to plan her life and her family. The “I Plan” mini-series provide an overview of the different options available and educates you on how to decide which method fits your life-plan as well as bust myths that you may still have when it comes to contraceptive use.

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My Health My Life

What are the benefits of Contraception and which methods are out there? The Lydia Midwife answers all questions in this episode of My Health My Life.

The Perfect Family Plan

After a perfect wedding, we all want that perfect family.

Every week, Ama from the TV-Show, the Perfect WeddingPlan on TV3, discusses your contraceptive questions with a representative of Lydia Contraceptives.

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Lydia Adverts

Over the years Lydia has developed different TV Commercials educating the public on the Range of Female contraceptives available.

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Animated Tutorials

Would you like to know how the IUD is inserted or how to take the Lydia Daily Oral Contraceptive Pill? Watch our animated tutorials to get answers to your questions. If anything is still unclear, make sure you contact the Lydia Contact Centre.

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