Frequently Asked Questions: Daily Oral Contraceptive Pill

  • What do I need to know about the Daily Oral Contraceptive Pill?

  • How do I use the Lydia Daily Oral Contraceptive Pill?

  • Will the daily pill make me put on weight?

  • What does the pill contain?

  • How reliable is the pill?

  • Do I need to take it at the same time every day?

  • I bled between two periods. Should this happen?

  • Are there any contraceptive pills that offer extra benefits?

  • Will my periods be affected?

  • I have been taking the pill but did not get my period this month. Am I pregnant?

  • Can young women go on the pill?

  • Will long-term pill use affect trying for a baby?

  • How long will it take to get pregnant after taking the pill?

  • Does the pill protect me from AIDS and STI (sexually transmitted infections)?

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