Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness is the technique of working out exactly what stage of your menstrual cycle you are in and at which stages you are not fertile and having sex at those times. The Fertility Awareness Method requires a woman to observe fertility signs. There are a number of different methods such as tracking the days of your cycle, paying attention to body temperature fluctuations and keeping a very close eye on changes to your cervical mucus. During these fertile days the couple must avoid sex or use a barrier method to prevent pregnancy.

How to use it?

This method is complex and relies on a deep and intimate knowledge of your own/partner’s menstrual cycle. The technique is based on the fact that there are specific days during each menstrual cycle, the days before and shortly after ovulation, where you can get pregnant. If you want to get pregnant, fertility awareness can help you to know which days you should be having sex to become pregnant.

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Pros and Cons

  • Pros

    • It can be used when breastfeeding
    • It’s hormone free
    • If you want to get pregnant, it can help you to know on which days you should have sex

  • Cons

    • Using it demands attention to detail and time
    • It requires keeping track of your menstruation cycle all the time
    • It requires a very regular lifestyle
    • It’s open to mistakes
    • It can interfere with spontaneity
    • It’s unreliable as it does not take variations in your cycle into account
    • Does not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)